To help keep families together in Moldova
By creating much-needed jobs in Moldova
Providing grants & loans for start-up businesses in Moldova

Helping families in Moldova to grow and stay together.

Moldova Mosaic Foundation works to create jobs in Moldova, the poorest country in Europe. Dennis and Nova Maack created Moldova Mosaic as a 501(c)(3) following their Peace Corps service in Moldova. They are acutely aware that people there need ways to provide for themselves. The Foundation provides grants and loans for start-up business in Moldova.

About Us

Dennis and Nova Maack are now retired professionals, who, after retiring did not want life to be boring. They joined the Peace Corps in 2003 and served in Eastern Europe in the former soviet republic of Moldova until 2005.

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Project Stories

Learn about and see pictures of the wonderful success stories inspiring some of the deserving start-up businesses from Moldova Mosaic.

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