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 Neighbors chat at the village well  Still a common means of transportation in Moldova  Basilica at Soroca
Moldovan girl in traditional dress, with kolach on Balti Day Potty kids at orphanage receive candy, too Roma (Gypsys) in Soroca
 A rather clean squat toilet  A Moldovan wedding  School at Soroco
School at Soroca has a lawnmower Village street at Milistii Mici Village of Ialoveni
 Church at village of Fintinitza  Father Timofea  Father Timofea & wife Lidia at home
Icon in Father Timofea's home Easter Sunrise procession around the church Easter Sunrise candles
 Easter Sunrise candles  Candy store at the Piata  Bus Station
Primaria (Mayor's office) & Stefan cel Mare statue Beating the carpet Bicycle transport
 Constantine & Alena Church  Desserts - after 5 courses  Historic church & cemetery, 300 years old
Winter from our apartment window Woman with homemade shovel in downtown Chisinau Chisinau, from National Hotel