Project Stories 2011

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Custom Tailor – city of Tiraspol

Irina models her work


In April 2011, Irina Hadjioglo obtained her entrepreneur license (a requirement in Tiraspol) for sewing services, and started a tailor shop which produces large size clothing for women. Women in Moldova are very conscious about how they dress, but clothes made especially for large sizes are an unusual venture. In the words of Irina, it is “a serious problem for people with excess weight to find beautiful and fashion [sic] clothing.” In order to create the clothing, Irina requested an “uberdeck” (also called “cover”) sewing machine, a specialized, professional machine which incorporates five spindles. Moldova Mosaic provided the machine. Now Irina, working together with her mother, also a professional seamstress, runs a successful shop producing beautiful clothing.






Fitness Club – city of Tiraspol

Valerie and her advertising brochure


Valeria Iurist has three years of experience as a fitness trainer, including work in Russia. She opened her “Lady Fitness” club in Tiraspol, and wanted to expand it to offer a wider range of gymnastic services with a greater range of sport equipment. Valeria has a contract with Tiraspol Youth Creation Center to use its gym in exchange for group and personal training for its people. Moldova Mosaic has helped her by purchasing 37 pieces of equipment, including fitness balls, weights, body boards, and dumbbells.




Frameless Furniture – village of Ribnitza

Nadejda sits on her soft furniture at Moldexpo



Since April 2011, Nadejda Israilean has been manufacturing and selling “pouf” furniture (which we call beanbag chairs), from leather, artificial leather, velour, and heavy-duty textiles. She makes four styles: pear, “drob” (cube), soccer ball, and throne, and buys materials from both Chisinau (Moldova) and Odessa (Ukraine). Her only sewing machine was an old Soviet model which was not very productive, and also prone to break down. A Moldova Mosaic grant has provided Nadejda with a new, efficient machine.




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